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Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

We have assembled a number of insurance-related resources for the use of our clients. For additional information or clarification on any of the topics covered, please speak with a member of our broker team. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.

Web Links
Insurance Links
Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Insurance Kit
Centre for Study of Insurance Operations
Insurance Bureau of Canada 
Insurance Canada
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada
Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick (IBANB)

Safety Links
Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness
Highway Safety
Smart Risk
Stay Alert…Stay Safe
Canadian Crime Stoppers
Vehicle Recalls
Vehicle Reviews & Ratings

Carseat Safety
Safety Council Of Canada
Transport Canada

Community Links
Local Weather Conditions
Local Road Conditions

Miscellaneous Links
Wildlife Proofing Your Home
Vehicle Information Center of Canada