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Our Payment Options

The team at Assurance Belliveau Insurance Inc in New Brunswick can help you with all aspects of the payment process. Please get in touch with our team of experts, and we will guide you every step of the way. Make sure to have your policy number and information handy when you contact us. Here are some ways you can reach out to us.

In Person


279 Champlain Street, Unit 102,

Dieppe, NB E1A 1P2


Security question: Insurance

Answer: Belliveau

Please contact our office prior to sending payment.

Pay the Company Directly

Depending on your insurance company, it is possible that you can pay them directly either via online banking or via their website. If your insurance company is in the section below, you can make the payment through:

Online Banking



Most companies will also accept Credit Card payment

Affordable Insurance Services

We offer a range of insurance plans.

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